Friday, April 21, 2017

Cuming County Visitors Bureau Meeting

The Cuming County Visitors Bureau met April 20 at 529 Social in Wisner.

The Visitors Bureau approved the following grant requests-
Thunder By The River $1500
Cow Town Car Club      $500
Cuming County Fair "An Evening of Magic" $500
Beemer Play Daze         $500
Cuming County Fair Foundation (Fair Promotion) $1500

The Visitors Bureau discussed adding a new event this Fall, a tour of Cuming County Historic Churches. Details will be worked out with Chase Becker of Omaha, a consultant who will help with the event. Final approval will be at the July Visitors Bureau meeting.

The second Feet On The Farm Adventure Race Saturday June 24 was discussed. The check points have been identified and event sponsors are being sought.

The next Visitors Bureau Meeting will be Thursday July 20 at 4:15 at Lucky's in Bancroft.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

May 1 deadline for high school student transfers

Reminder from the NSAA office.

May 1 is the deadline for students transferring within the state to make the transfer decision and for schools to place the student’s name on the NSAA transfer list so that such student can be immediately eligible in the fall at the transfer school.

Students whose initial entry into grade nine will be this coming fall DO NOT need to be included on this list. Wherever a student begins his/her ninth grade year, that is the school where he/she establishes his/her eligibility.

If a student’s name appears on a school’s list, but the student later decides to remain in his/her current school, such student would be ineligible for 90 school days at the current school.

NSAA bylaws regarding such transfers (underlining for emphasis):

NSAA Bylaw 2.7.8 specifically states, “Eligibility will be considered for Nebraska transfer students who have transferred from one Nebraska member high school to another Nebraska member high school when there is not a change of domicile by the legal parents. This would apply to Nebraska students who transfer: (1) from public school to private school; (2) from private school to public school; (3) from private school to private school; (4) from public school to public school; and (5) transfers from Nebraska school to Nebraska school within a multi-school district. The NSAA member school into which the Nebraska student transfers MUST notify the NSAA of the transfer by entering the student’s name in the NSAA online database no later than May 1. Once the NSAA has been notified, the Nebraska student could complete that year of eligibility in the Nebraska school the student was leaving. The Nebraska student would, however, become ineligible for ninety (90) school days the next fall if the Nebraska student were to change his/her mind and decided not to transfer. Only Nebraska students transferring from one NSAA member school to another NSAA member school are eligible to take advantage of the May 1 transfer and have their name submitted into the online database.

Approved ruling states, “Nebraska students who complete transfer requirements/enrollment paperwork on or before May 1 and whose names are submitted to the NSAA by May 1 as Nebraska transfer students shall be immediately eligible in the fall at the school to which they transfer. If the Nebraska student were to later change his/her mind and not transfer, that Nebraska student would be ineligible for 90 school days at the Nebraska school in which he/she attends. If such Nebraska student were to transfer to the new Nebraska school, but later decides to return to his/her former district before 90 school days have elapsed, such Nebraska student will be ineligible in the former district for 90 school days, with the ineligibility period commencing at the start of the fall semester. Or, in the case of the Nebraska student who transfers and attends the new Nebraska school before the start of the semester but whose name is submitted on the May 1 transfer list, such Nebraska student would be ineligible for 90 school days commencing at the same time the Nebraska student began attending the transfer school Those Nebraska students whose transfer has not been reported to the NSAA by May 1, shall be ineligible for 90 school days, with such transfers being subject to hardship waiver guidelines. Such Nebraska transfer students may transfer under this rule one time during their high school years, unless there is a change of domicile by the legal parent. Such Nebraska students who transfer a subsequent time without a change of domicile by the legal parent shall be ineligible for varsity competition for 90 school days.”

ACT test tomorrow for all Juniors

The Nebraska Department of Education will be making a major assessment transition beginning this spring. On April 19th the ACT will be administered to all high school juniors. The testing window for districts will continue through May 3rd. Nearly all students will take the exam on the opening day.

A quality assessment system helps make the state and communities strong as it promotes college readiness and preparation for the next level. The Nebraska State Board of Education selected ACT to provide the college entrance exam for Nebraska students in the 11th grade. The exam will replace the current Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) assessment at that grade level.

Bancroft-Rosalie juniors will take the ACT test at the Bancroft Catholic Center tomorrow morning. Juniors are to eat a good breakfast and report to the Catholic Center by 8:15 am. 

The juniors have been practicing for the ACT test this semester using the online ACT prep.

Good luck tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Nebraska School Activity Association discussion items

The following areas were discussed by the Nebraska School Activities Association Representative Assembly as areas that need continued attention.

1. Eligibility determinations at local schools. Some local school officials are not aware of NSAA guidelines for eligibility. This has resulted in students being declared ineligible because their local school did not advise them properly.

2. Dealing with outside groups. There are non-school groups that disagree with NSAA policies and want to change them.

3. Student transfer situations. Every year there are allegations of "undue influence" being used to convince students to transfer for activity purposes.

4. Lack of support for NSAA bylaws. Some schools choose not to support the bylaws of the NSAA, which are voted on and adopted by the member schools to govern the member schools.

5. Sportsmanship. Great strides have been made- but this continues to be a problem. This year an education group called the NSAA into question on dealing with racial comments at an NSAA event.