Thursday, September 29, 2016

After-School Program Schedule

Bancroft-Rosalie Community School
After-School Program Schedule 2016-17
Regularly runs from 3:45- 6:00 pm on days schools is in session

October 12              2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
October 21              No School                 Hours:  8:00- 6:00       Field Trip to Aquarium/Schramm
November 16          2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
November 22          No School E Day      Hours:  8:00- 6:00       Field Trip to be determined
November 23          2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
November 24-25     Thanksgiving Vacation   No After-School Program
December 14           2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
December 23-30     Christmas Vacation         No After-School Program
January 2                 Not decided yet
January 11               2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
February 10             No School                 Hours:  8:00- 6:00       Field Trip to be determined
February 15             2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
March 15                 2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
April 12                   2:00 Dismissal          Hours:  2:00- 6:00
April 14                   Spring Vacation              No After-School Program
April 17                  No School                  Hours:  8:00- 6:00       Field Trip to be determined

May 19                   No School                  Hours:  8:00- 6:00        Field Trip to be determined

Bancroft-Rosalie 2017 Unified Bowling Team

Bancroft-Rosalie is looking for high school students that like to bowl. The school bowling club is organizing bowling teams. Each team can consist of 5 players of which three can compete and two can sub. How many teams we have depends on the number of students we have participating.

Unified Sports require that students with disabilities compete on each team.

Practices will be in Pender

October 17         Bowling season begins
October 29         At Wayne (B-R, Wayne, West Point and Wynot)
November 5      At Wayne (B-R, Norfolk, and Wayne)
or  (Nov 5 or Nov 12   TBA)
November 12    At Wayne (B-R, Osmond, and Wayne)
November 19    Tournament at North Bend
Week of Nov. 28     District Tournament
Week of Dec. 5       State Tournament

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Girls Golf is East Husker Conference runner-up

The Thunder golf team placed second at the conference golf tournament completed yesterday in Beemer. Individual medalists- Paige Peters- 2nd Mariah Petersen- 5th Michelle Hallstrom- 7th Lindsey Gralheer- 10th

E Days (Electronic Days)

E-Days are days where students will receive their instruction and work online rather than direct instruction in the classroom. E-days provide students with the opportunity to learn skills in managing electronic learning, developing academic self-sufficiency and independence, and provide our school staff with opportunities to collaborate to improve classroom teaching.

 Some students in grades 7-12 have already received a class period or two of E-Day when their classroom teacher had to be gone, and comments from students and staff have been positive so far.

 The first K-12 E-Day will be Tuesday November 22. This is a scheduled teacher workday that was originally the day our school was to host the Conference One Act Play Contest. The play date was moved last month, but we are keeping it scheduled as our first E-Day.

How it will work-
Grades 7-12 students will have an assigned series of activities (or playlist) for each of their classes. The teachers will be at school and available to students via e-mail or messaging if the students have questions. We will be working with our teachers to have purposeful and rigorous activities for the students that would be equal to instruction they would receive if they were in the classroom.

Parents of grades K-6 students can choose to send students to the after-school program, which will be operating from 8:00- 6:00 that day, or keep them at home. The after-school program will provide opportunities for students to complete their assignments and then take a group field trip, location still to be determined.
K-6 students will have between 1-2 hours of assigned activities to be completed on their I-Pads. Grades K-2 will need to take their I-Pads home on November 21 for use on the 22nd and bring them back to school November 23. We will have some visitors to the building the 22nd to observe our first E Day. We have two other E Days on the schedule later in the year, and will also have E Days on snow days (but no after-school program on snow days).

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Health Rocks

Jennifer Hansen and Stacey Keyes from Thurston County Extension led students through "Health Rocks" during the B-R after school program.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

School Board members recognized at Area Meeting

Bancroft-Rosalie School Board members Naomi Brummond, Mike Nottlemann, Scott Hansen, and Pat Browning were recognized at the Nebraska Association of School Boards area meeting in Norfolk Wednesday night. Recognition was for reaching levels of achievement during their time as a school board member. Naomi Brummond received a clock for achieving level 9, the only level 9 recognized at the meeting. Pat Browning received an office set for reaching level 3, and Scott Hansen and Mike Nottlemann received T-shirts for achieving level 2.

Dorothy In Wonderland October 1 and 2