Friday, December 8, 2017

Bancroft residents- Please complete Community Survey

Cuming County Economic Development is surveying the 4 communities in Cuming County to determine how residents of that community perceive their community to rate on "9 things that Nebraskan's Care About When Choosing a Community"

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parent Advisory Committee

Bancroft-Rosalie School will be appointing a Parent Advisory Committee to look at school data and school programs and provide feedback to the school. The committee will consist of 4-5 parents that represent the diversity of the school. The group will meet four times a year.

This committee has been identified as one of the objectives for the school 
Poverty and Diversity Action Plan


Goals   - All Students will increase Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills
            - All students will increase engagement in their learning        

1. Increase parent involvement with an emphasis on involvement of parents in poverty and from diverse backgrounds

2. Increase attendance of students in poverty and from diverse backgrounds

If you are interested in serving on this committee contact Dr. Cerny at the school.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 Chinese Bridge Delegation- Henan Province

There were 188 administrators for across the United States that participated in the 2017 Chinese Bridge for American Principals. I flew from Chicago at 1:30 pm on November 2nd and after a 13-hour flight I arrived in Beijing on November 3rd at 4:25 pm. There was a 12-hour time zone difference.
View from the Doubletree Hotel- Beijing

November 4
In the morning, my group traveled to Hanban University headquarters where we had the opportunity to learn about Hanban and the Confucius Institutes in the United States. 

Chinese Food

Chinese art and culture exhibits were on display and local crafts were made and offered to our group.
A bracelet-maker. She made the red good luck bracelet I am wearing in 10 minutes

In the afternoon, our group visited the Forbidden City.
Tiananmen Square
Entrance to the Forbidden City

November 5

In the morning, we visited a portion of the Great Wall close to Beijing.

Ready to start the walk up the Great Wall to the top

Made it. 

Do people really do this?

I was one of 32 administrators assigned to travel to Henan province.
In the afternoon, we boarded a bullet train (200 miles per hour) and traveled to ZhengZhuo, a city in Henan province, and stayed in the Sky-land GDH Hotel.

Bullet Train
November 6

Morning- We took a 90-minute bus ride to the city of Kaifeng. We visited the affiliated middle and high school of Henan University. After a welcoming ceremony and a visit to a traditional Chinese classroom, we heard a lecture on the Chinese Education System and Basic Education Reform.
My morning guides
One of the students wrote my name in Chinese

Afternoon- We visited Millennium City Park and Longting Park, then took the 90-minute bus ride back to our hotel.
Millenium Park is a theme park. We watched a horse show re-creating a famous Chinese feud.
The battle

A picture with the performers
The temple at Longting Park. More stairs.
November 7

The streets were busy in the morning.
Traffic in the bicycle and motorcycle lane

Morning- A visit to Zhengzhuo Huimin Middle and High School, a National Minority School (serving one of the minority groups).

This student sang a song from Mulan 
My guides at huimin

Afternoon- Visited Zhengzhou No. 96 Middle School. This is the school that the Bancroft-Rosalie 7th grade will be exchanging letters and video with.

A dance group performed

My guide at Middle School 96

November 8

Morning- Visited Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle and High School.

This student helped me make a stamp in art class

Afternoon- Took a 90-minute bus trip to Dengfeng to visit the Shaolin Temple and Songshan Shaolin Wushu College. This is the place known for instruction in Kung Fu and has 40,000 students.
Shaolin Temple

Kung Fu School

Getting lesson from a student

Some of the Kung Fu students that gave a demonstration

My University guides
 I asked the University students why so many Chinese students attend Universities in the United States. The answer was "Educational Freedom." The Chinese system does not allow students much freedom to choose the school they want to attend or their major. They have more freedom to choose by attending a University outside of China.
This entire meal was vegetarian, including meat-like foods

November 9

Morning- Took the bullet train back to Beijing
This was the "ham sandwich" for the train ride. Not what I was expecting, lost in translation, but the ham and egg biscuit was very good.

Afternoon- Shopping trip to the Silk Market. I bought a new suit and some silk scarves.

The NBA is very popular in China

November 10

Morning- Visited the International School
Teacher of Traditional Medicine. I received acupressure in my ear to relieve low back pain. It worked- No pain on the plane ride home.

Students build and drive model cars using virtual reality cameras inside the cars

Cool artwork

Afternoon- The six groups gave presentations on their experiences in the provinces.

The group presentations
Samples at the nearby mall- Duck Tongue, Pig Ear, and Chicken Feet

Duck Tongues anyone? They taste like Slim Jims

Walked a few blocks from the Beijing Hotel and came upon several fast food places- McDonalds and Pizza Hut 

Dumplings and Dimsum- steamed bun

This ship was given to me as a gift by Zhengzhou middle school 96 and sits on my shelf at school

Local public transportation- A small van

Had to stop at Dairy Queen in Beijing. Interesting blizzard flavors

November 11

Flew out of Beijing airport at 1:25 pm. A 12-hour flight. Landed in Chicago at 12:35 pm that same day. Arrived in Omaha at 5:35 pm.